Hacking into the mainframe

Hey I’m Justin people call me “Jus” sometimes even “Juice”

I’m a product designer from Malta, a tiny island smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean. Despite the geography, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside a diverse cast of engineers, designers and product people since 2016.

In that time, I’ve picked up a few things which have shaped my beliefs around building great products.

What many of them really boil down to is that problem space immersion, an evolving understanding of people needs, and execution beyond the local maximum are what separate great products from mediocre ones.

Currently, I work at Casumo where I build entertainment products that enable responsible play across the core player journey, I also helped create and maintain our design system called CUDL.

I spend my time building sideprojects, listening to podcasts, reading books and supporting Manchester United.

If you’d like to chat about building product, podcasts or design do get in touch at or reach out to me on Twitter @justinmfarrugia

Need to see where I've worked? Download my resume or check my Linkedin profile